A 3D artist who has been making art for games since 2006. My mission is to create great art from concept to ship.

I have extensive experience making assets for the iphone/ipad platform. I enjoy the challenge of working within polycount and texture constraints. I'm easy to get along with, maintain a positive attitude and enjoy working in the studio environment. I take criticism well, and make any necessary changes to my work quickly.


  • 3D Modeling
  • UV Mapping
  • Texturing
  • Texture Baking
  • Game Development
  • Productions


    3D Artist

    Drone Racing League New York
    May 2016 - October 2016 |

    I was a freelance artist working from home who was responsible for creating many different 3D assets for their recent Drone Racing Leauge game. The assets I made varied greatly, from large football stadium and bridges, to small harbor boats and chairs. I was responsible for modeling, UV mapping and texturing.

    3D Artist

    April 2012 - November 2015 | Toronto, Canada

    + Create environments and assets based on concept art.

    + Apply shaders and implement necessary tech to asset - dummy nodes, collision meshes, export scripts etc.

    + Highpoly and Lowpoly modeling, UV mapping.

    + High to low poly texture baking.

    + Lighting, texturing and rendering of environments and assets.

    + Modify and edit work based on feedback.

    + Participate in scrum meetings.

    Projects Worked On:

    Epic -

    + High poly modelling and various organic assets - plants, buildings, rocks, flowers, grass

    + Rendering the high poly assets using tools and lighting scene set up by the tech artist

    + Taking the renders and compiling them together in photoshop with tools from tech artist

    + Passing off compiled renders to 2D artist

    Disney Magic Kingdoms -

    + Create buildings and environment assets based on concept art

    + Highpoly and lowpoly modeling, baking textures high to low. Passing textures off to 2D artists

    + Use baking scripts provided by tech artists

    + Apply proper shader and check asset in game

    + Troubleshoot any problems that may arise with assets